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Episode #237

Aaron Marshall

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Diagnosed With Stage 4 Colon Cancer Last Year Hasn't Stopped Him From Building A Property Management Empire


Guest Bio:

With 18+ years of experience successfully selling and managing real estate properties, my approach is simple: building great relationships is primary and the foundation to success. As a hands-on CEO and committed franchise leader, I love that I get to help others succeed in the real estate market and build their own business.


I know real estate and property management inside and out. In just over a 10-year period, I sold more than 1500 homes, and throughout my career I’ve been blessed to receive recognition and awards for my real estate expertise, including being ranked #98 in the Wall Street Journal’s Top 400 Sales Professionals Nationwide and Realtor of the Year (2008), plus consistently being part of the top 50 of Keller Williams’s teams (2008-2010). I can attest that real estate is truly the best investment – people will always need a place to live, no matter what the economy.


As CEO, co-owner, and co-founder of Keyrenter, every day I get to work with passionate franchisees and help them achieve their dream of owning a successful property management business. A steadfast believer in the golden rule, I strive to lead by example and manage every property as if it were my own. And I also enjoy talking with folks who are thinking about becoming a franchisee – it’s always a joy to be able to answer burning questions and provide real, in the trenches examples from my own experience.


Whether for business or pleasure, I love to travel and, since business is what drives me, I’ve always got a great business book I’m reading. I also love the sand dunes, riding my motorcycle, and spending time with my wonderful family.


Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:48)

  • The peak of real estate (3:21)

  • Getting started and finding a niche (7:43)

  • Not living a life that wanted (9:18)

  • Making an switch (10:59)

  • Picking the right partnership (14:58)

  • Cashflow is king (15:33)

  • Big mistakes in buying an investment (19:04)

  • Smart buying techniques (27:05)

  • Being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (33:31)


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