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Episode #23

Aaron Wagner

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When Everyone Else Pulls Back, Double Down for Making Massive Success


Aaron Wagner is one of the Founders and managing partners of White Knight Capital. Aaron has a diverse background in Real Estate, Lending, Debt, Investment and Private Equity, having participated full time in the industry since 2009. Aaron is extremely diligent in his pursuit of opportunity and has been able to capitalize tremendously on the recessed market, building multiple companies that specialize in the acquisition of distressed assets, repositioning, stabilization and resale of special assets. Aaron and his team have been intricately involved in all aspects of the business including fundraising, lending, consultation, principal project development, analytics and many other Real Estate specific roles. Prior to his involvement full time in Real Estate and Business Investment, Aaron played professional football for a number of years. Aaron Wagner Attended Brigham Young University and Washington State University on a full athletic football Scholarship and was awarded multiple athletic awards and accolades throughout his career. Mr. Wagner was born and raised in Canada and has been in the US since 2000. He and his wife Candace, have 4 children and reside in Highland, Utah.


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Show Notes:

  • Introduction [1:26]

  • You are either going to go broke or you are going to maximize your return [4:46]

  • How he started doing real estate in college [7:53]

  • Switching from buying and selling to flipping houses [11:02]

  • There is less competition when you are at the top [11:35]

  • Keeping a positive attitude and risking it all [12:15]

  • Giving advice to someone who wants to flip a home [13:50]

  • Diving in and figuring it out, not setting limits for yourself [14:17]

  • The most successful people are happy to pay it forward [15:22]

  • What drove Aaron to other ventures along with real estate [19:07]

  • What you attribute about yourself [20:40]

  • The importance of trust within people [23:32]

  • Attracting who you want to attract [27:24]

  •  Dealing with some of the struggles from businesses that didn't work out [28:52]

  • The postive impact his new clothing company has made on people [36:08]

  • He was one of the early investors in Bitcoin [42:58]

  • One thing he wishes that he could do now [45:44]

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