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Episode #180

Akshay Nanavati

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Best-Selling Author & Expert On "Fear" Teaches Us How To Use Fear As Our Greatest Asset

Guest Bio:

Born in India, my guest today Akshay Nanavati, has lived all over the world and lived such a fascinating life along the way. As a bestselling author of his new book, Fearvana, as a former Marine, and a well sought after speaker, Ashkat has spent the latter part of his life studying fear and how it affects us every single day. In this interview, we really lean into fear and discuss how it can paralyze us or how we can turn it into our best friend. It's an episode everyone will benefit from. I'm excited to share it with you and with my friend, Best-Selling author, Akshay Nanavati.


Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:53)

  • Young life and growing up (3:35)

  • Reason for joining to fight the war (6:13)

  • Coming home and dealing with addiction (10:59)

  • Finding an obsession to become healthy facing of fear (12:56)

  • Fear Genetics (16:41)

  • Transform emotions from enemies (22:15)

  • The other side of fear (26:52)

  • Love is so scary, people settle (29:46)

  • Passion vs Struggle (38:11)

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