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Episode #169

Amy Spencer

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25-Year-Old Girl Shatters Industry Sales Record & Makes Half-Million Dollars Per Year Selling Pest Control Door to Door

Guest Bio

Amy Spencer is a young women who has a passion and a massive why that drives her success. At just 25 years of age, Amy is one of the most successful individuals in her difficult industry that is usually filled of men.

Amy has taken all doubts and used that to her advantage as she sells over 1,200 pest accounts a year going door to door while managing one of the most successful teams in the entire country.


Show Notes


  • Introduction (2:14)

  • Choosing door to door sales (3:38)

  • First starting out and involvement (4:51)

  • Dream job and sacrificing (6:16)

  • Being competitive at a young age (7:15)

  • After success is known (9:05)

  • Opportunity cost (12:47)

  • Getting arrested and staying on the path (19:10)

  • Balance (24:25)

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