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Episode #281
Andrew Cordle

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CEO Of "Money Is" Is An Expert In Helping The Masses Understand The Truth About Money

Guest Bio:

Andrew Cordle is a noted American entrepreneur, in-demand speaker, and highly regarded wealth strategist. He serves as founder and CEO of Money Is, his company dedicated to sharing the secrets of the wealthy 1% with the masses as well as sparking authentic conversations about money. Andrew is the editor of Money Is Magazine, a 3-time bestselling author, and a passionate educator highly regarded in the industry. His platform speaking engagements generated over $100 million dollars in sales in only a 3 year period.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:02)

  • Sports cards (2:35)

  • Growing up the curious type (4:12)

  • What you think is what you manifest (11:53)

  • The Money Game (15:18)

  • Minding Your Business (22:04)

  • Money is _____ (38:15)

  • Next steps for Andrew (43:32)

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