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Episode #28

Andrew McCubbins

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Mining Over 10,000 Bitcoins & More From a Visionary Business Man


Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes:

  • Introduction [0:57]

  • Being an asset for O.U.R [2:24]

  • When and why he dropped out of college and what he did instead [4:45]

  • The difficulties of owning a coffee shop [6:15]

  • Selling two businesses by the age twenty-four [7:55]

  • Company goals for the day to day [8:40]

  • Becoming a millionarie at age twenty-five and managing over eighty people [9:50]

  • The getting bored factor of being an entrepreneur [11:05]

  • Creating a business with no over head that profited over 250k a month [13:07]

  • Deciding what companies and what ideas he was going to take on [14:26]

  • Coming back after a failed business attempt [16:32]

  • Being financially free since the age thirty [19:13]

  • Losing millions of dollars from a failed company [21:09]

  • Deciding to give one of his companies a second push and how much it benefited him [23:05]

  • Finding the most cost effective way to get a solid customer base [25:52]

  • Investing into Bitcoin in the beginning of 2011 [29:10]

  • Having over 300 computers mining Bitcoin at his work space [30:10]

  • How the machines crack the code for Bitcoin [32:46]

  • The difficulty in mining and why he chose to stop [34:08]

  • Mining over 150 Million dollars worth of Bitcoin [34:34]

  • His view on crypto curriencies, if you should invest, and where he sees it going in the next few years [36:48]

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