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Episode #113

Andy Murch

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Founder of Big Fish Expeditions Shares A Life Swimming With Sharks, Walking With Bears, & Living His Real Life Dream



Guest Bio:


Big Fish Expeditions Founder and Trip Leader.


Born with an insatiable thirst for adventure, Andy has racked up an impressive list of achievements including award-winning photographer, marine conservationist, author, journalist, explorer, dive instructor, and submarine pilot.


Between guest trips, Andy scouts out new destinations and new big animal encounters to add to Big Fish Expedition's growing selection of world class adventures.

Andy's images have been published in hundreds of books and magazines including Diver, National Geographic, the New York Times and the Journal of Zoology. 

He is the Co-author of Diving With Sharks and the primary photographer in numerous other shark books.


Andy's patience, expertise as a professional big animal photographer and willingness to share his insights, makes him an ideal Trip Leader for Big Fish Expeditions.



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Show Notes


  • Introduction (2:24)

  • What adventures Andy has had in the past few weeks (3:09)

  • Starting this current venture (6:35)

  • Lessons learned from traveling the world (9:05)

  • Jimmy diving sharks recently with Andy (11:10)

  • The truth about sharks (11:58)

  • How many sharks are killed each year (14:48)

  • Any experiences with shark attacks (25:02)

  • Bucket list of animals that Andy would like to film (37:27)

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