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Episode #51

Angie Layton

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Model and Former Miss Utah Discusses Life Adjustments and Becoming a Mother


Guest Bio:

Angie Layton is a young Mother who is very passionate and driven. She grew up in the small town of Manti just north of Salt Lake City. She currently is residing in St. George Utah, where she is running multiple businesses and taking care of her newborn baby boy.

She is former Miss Utah and Miss Utah Teen USA and placed 3rd runner-up at both. She says that experience showed her the benefit of hard work and setting goals and was instrumental in helping her establish her current work ethic.

In 2012, she was on the reality hit TV show, Survivor Philippines, season 25. She says it was the most exciting, horrifying, and most rewarding thing she's ever done and hopes to return for another season. She learned how precious the little things in life really are, and how grateful she is to have food, clean water, and shelter. The experience helped reinforce how grateful she is for her family.


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Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:17)

  • What life is like for Angie now that she is a Mother (1:45)

  • What were her expectations and how is it different (1:56)

  • Why Angie decided to blog her birth (3:10)

  • Dealing with Post Partum Depression (4:01)

  • Angie preparing for her wedding that is up and coming (4:45)

  • What happened with Angie's Modeling career once she got pregnant (6:15)

  • Angie and dealing with the spotlight of being runner-up for Miss USA (8:35)

  • What Angie thinks of Vision Boards and how they are important to her (9:28)

  • Why did Angie decide to go on the show Survivor (10:55)

  • After Survivor and Miss USA, Angie starting her cosmetics company (16:05)

  • Balancing being a mom, business, and modeling (18:45)

  • Advice that she has for someone who wants to follow her come up (20:00)

  • Angie finding her ways around scams and agencies (22:10)

  • Finding ways to not get sucked into the social media world (24:32)

  • What is next for Angie (28:59)

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