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Episode #418
Ash Santos

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Utah mom is also a popular Hollywood actress 

Guest Bio:

Ash Santos is an actress. Ash started her acting career doing commercials before moving on to television movies and larger roles! She is a recurring guest star role on the eighth season of FX's "American Horror Story" where she plays Emily. She can also be seen on Netflix's "True Story" starring Kevin Hart, and in the upcoming Mike Tyson biopic series "Iron Mike" on Hulu. Her most recent film, Half Baked 2, was released on 4/20/23 the day prior to the release of this podcast episode!


Show Notes:

  • Intro

  • Getting into the acting space

  • Working with famous actors

  • Getting killed in movies

  • Losing projects

  • Sex scenes in movies

  • New projects and searching for roles

Show Links:


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