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Episode #260

Barry Gittleman

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CEO & Owner of Hamlet Homes Shares Business Lessons Learned As A Nuclear Submarine Commander For 20 Years

Guest Bio:

Barry Gittleman is the President/CEO and Owner of Hamlet Homes.

Barry is one of four members of the management team who purchased Hamlet Homes from the founder in January 2017.  As President and CEO, he is responsible for the overall corporate strategy and vision, culture, architecture and home design, our customer experience, and neighborhood homeowner associations. Barry is also responsible for Land Acquisition and Special Projects.

Prior to joining Hamlet, Barry was Division President for Fischer Homes, starting the Atlanta division from scratch and growing it to 18 neighborhoods, building more than  200 new homes in the first two years. Barry also worked for John Wieland Homes, the top luxury homebuilder in the Southeast region. For Wieland, Barry served as Corporate Vice President of Land, Strategy and Finance, responsible for acquisition of 12 new neighborhoods, strategy in 60 existing neighborhoods in 5 states, and the 2012 sale of the company for more than $100 million. Prior to Wieland, Barry worked for Centex Homes as Director of Strategic Marketing and Land in Jacksonville, Atlanta and Nashville, leading Centex’s strategic planning, marketing and market research operations, and land acquisition. Barry was a Project Leader with Boston Consulting Group, advising C-suite executives on major corporate projects in the airline, medical, consumer goods, energy, and entertainment industries.

Before his business career, Barry served as a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine officer for 20 years. He retired with the rank of Commander after serving as Sonar Officer, Engineering Officer, and Weapons Officer on three nuclear attack submarines, and conducting multiple extended deployments and national security missions.

Barry earned degrees in engineering from the United States Naval Academy, in management from Troy State University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is a board member for the Salt Lake Homebuilders Association, and a member of the Military Committee for the National Ability Center.

Barry currently resides in a Hamlet home in Draper with his wife and son. His current and previous home were both built by Hamlet, and he’s proud to live in a neighborhood where Hamlet is actively building and many of his neighbors are Hamlet customers.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:36)

  • Getting started in home building (3:31)

  • Commander on Submarine (6:18)

  • Creating a special bond (11:49)

  • Home building in 2020 (16:52)

  • Market expectations (19:13)

  • Shortage of homes (21:10)

  • How far do you project land purchase (27:45)

  • Market crash possibility (31:19)


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