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Episode #08


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The Power of Human Connection


Famous Relationship Coach and expert at personal connections, Baya goes deep into why she loves what she does, how she got started, and how she discovered this skill and talent she has at bettering peoples lives by using a gift to truly see right to a situation and know exactly what it is that is needed.

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction [1:45]

  • Baya on “jumping in” before thinking logistics [3:05]

  • Baya on how the Real World kick-started her fascination with relationships [3:40]

  • What Baya found “atrocious” about moving back to Utah [4:20]

  • How Baya’s dating company name was influenced by Ashley Madison [4:55]

  • Why did Baya get the nickname “the female Hitch”? [5:50]

  • Baya on how she “trained” to become a relationship expert [6:30]

  • Why Baya thinks we need to build relationship skills like business skills [7:30]

  • Baya on how the subconscious impacts our “checklist” for potential partners [8:02]

  • Baya describes the process of “Mirroring and Matching” on a date [8:20]

  • How Baya has scaled her coaching and turned it into a business [11:40]

  • Baya describes how her disdain for name-tags was the catalyst for Secret SLC [12:28]

  • “I’m not just networking relationships, but really getting intimate with people.” [14:01]

  • Baya talks about why her events have llamas, the Utah Opera and cupcake invitations [15:28]

  • Baya on attention to detail and reading a crowd to create memorable experiences [16:50]

  • Baya talks loneliness and her multi-million view TED Talk [20:02]

  • How Baya’s rituals got her through a bad breakup [22:40]

  • Baya on the power of giving and providing asymmetric value to those around you [25:10]

  • Bay’s trick to sensing if somebody has confidence [26:30]

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