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Episode #325
Bella Wright
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2022 Team USA Olympic Downhill Skier Shares What It’s Like To Be An Olympian


Guest Bio:

Bella Wright is an alpine skier from Salt Lake City that has achieved a spot on the 2022 USA Alpine Olympic Team.


Bella clicked into her first pair of skis at age three and began following her two older brothers around her hometown mountain of Snowbird.  By age six, she jumped into Snowbird’s racing program. She continued to step up her level from year to year establishing herself as an accomplished athlete in her teens and represented Snowbird, Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard, the National Training Group, Team Clif Bar, & the NorAm community! Bella has been on team USA since 2021.


Bella loves being up in the mountains away from reality and says skiing has been an escape and her livelihood. "Ski racing became a part of me at an early age, and the thrill and individuality it allowed me to experience has been my greatest teacher. There is nothing quite like the feeling of wind in your face and being surrounded by mountains."

Show Notes:


  • Intro (0:50)

  • What makes Olympic athletes different (6:30)

  • Crashes, injuries, & risks (9:10)

  • Qualifying process (12:21)

  • Satisfaction of the olympics (17:43)

  • What life looks like post Olympics (19:03)

  • Inspirations & role models (22:52)

  • Training schedule & routines (24:00)

  • Advice to get to the Olympic level (31:53)

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