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Episode #157

Bill Masur

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"Book of Uncomfortable Truths" & Founder of "Men of Character" Conference Discusses Modern Men & Masculinity

Guest Bio: 

From his book "Book of Uncomfortable Truths - I’m a 36 year old husband and father.  I help men start their journey on becoming the best version of themselves. This journey started for me last year with the Men of Character Conference which included 40 speakers including Elliott Hulse, James Clear, Ed Latimore, Hunter Drew, Tanner Guzy, Alexander Cortez and many more.  The conference drew over 2,000 attendees and millions of impressions on social media.

When I was a kid who was foolish enough at a young age to believe that I was destined for big things. I was foolish enough at 29 to quit my day job and ended up failing miserably at being an entrepreneur. At 32, I sat in my car wondering whether I was worth anything at all. That experience humbled me and it changed my life because I realized that If I committed to changing my life then nothing could stop me. I kept my dream alive. I remained foolish but I started to put in the damn work. I grew in self respect and confidence. 

Every year my income has increased, I’ve gotten healthier, happier, and grown in the relationships that matter most. Life just continues to get more interesting and exciting. I want to help you do the same.


Show Notes


  • Introduction (2:17)

  • Twitter thread that started the Book (5:32)

  • Losing a way and losing masculinity (12:12)

  • Easier to stay a child (19:43)

  • Parenting (22:43)

  • Sharing roles and being a strong character (30:10)

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