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Episode #299
BJ Flores

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Boxing Trainer For Jake Paul + Former Pro Boxer Talks About Disrupting An Entire Sport

Guest Bio:

While pursuing a professional boxing title in the ring, Flores ranked among the top 15 cruiserweight in the world. After posting a 112-10 amateur record, he fought his first two professional bouts on NBC broadcasts in May 2003. Flores was the 2001 and 2002 U.S. men’s national champion, and was the only American to win gold in the Four Nations Championship in 2002. He has a career record of 31 wins (20 knockouts), and 1 loss, and is a five-time North American champion.


Now, B.J. is training the next generation of boxing with guys like Jake Paul who are making names for themselves in the sport.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:44)

  • Getting into Boxing (2:21)

  • Changing the entire sport (6:50)

  • Legends at the end of career (11:43)

  • Relationship with Jake Paul (14:43)

  • What is next for the sport (28:15)

  • Next fight (33:15)

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