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Episode #320
Rep. Blake Moore

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Utah Congressman In The House of Representatives Sits Down To Discuss His First Year In Congress


Guest Bio:


Rep. Blake Moore is a congressman in the House of Representatives representing Utah’s First District. Rep. Moore reflects Utah’s values in Congress and is finding solutions to the challenges facing the district and the state. Advocating for inclusive, pro-growth, and aspirational principles, Blake is amplifying Northern Utah’s voice on a national level to ensure Utahns receive the service and representation they deserve.


Before being elected to Congress, Blake worked for small businesses and in the foreign service, experiences that now guide his work on domestic and foreign policy. As a Principal at Cicero Group, Blake worked primarily in the social impact, marketing research, and strategy practice areas leading projects and serving clients throughout Utah and the nation. He has expertise in education, financial services, public policy, healthcare, transportation, supply chain, and waste industries, and this work informs his customer service and problem solver approach in Washington, D.C., as he identifies ways to help the federal government better work for Northern Utah. His passion for helping organizations manage the change process drives his ambition to overcome partisan gridlock, improve federal agencies, and smartly streamline the nation’s bureaucracy.


Previously, Blake worked abroad in business development in the healthcare and financial services industries, which led him to understand the challenges that small businesses grapple with on a daily basis. Blake was also honored to serve in the Foreign Service for the U.S. Department of State, where he gained first-hand knowledge of the international threats that America faces. This experience taught him to take seriously the United States’ diplomatic apparatus, the readiness of the Armed Forces, and the nation’s commitment to strengthening partnerships and alliances across the globe.

Show Notes:


  • Intro (0:57)

  • Deciding to enter politics (2:56)

  • The passing of Rep. Moore’s “Medal of Honor Monument Act” (6:00)

  • Life in politics (9:29)

  • Difficulties with the current amount of spending (14:47)

  • First year achievements (28:04)

  • Concerns for Utah over the next few years(29:35)

  • Forced health mandates (33:32)

  • Frustrations with twisted narratives & division (43:06)

  • What’s in the works for 2022 (46:26)

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