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Episode #21

Brad Jensen

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Using Fitness & Passion to Overcome Addiction

Founder and Owner of Key Nutrition, Brad Jensen is a successful nutritionist, fitness expert, and entrepreneur. Brad has a unique story as he had found himself addicted to heroin and other substances and used fitness and his fascination with nutrition as a builder to helping overcome his drug addiction. Listen to Brad's story as he goes into deep detail about his business, his solving of his drug addiction, and his active lifestyle.


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Show Notes

  • Introduction [1:34]

  • From being a nutritionist for another company to starting his own [3:50]

  • The feeling he had of not fitting in and his missing piece [5:03]

  • Having his first sip of alcohol at age twelve [5:30]

  • Self image was one of his main reasons for continued drinking [6:46]

  • Fitness and nutrition was the first thing he ever felt passionate about [7:43]

  • The fascination of how food and working out can change your entire physique [8:10]

  •  The conflict of choosing fitness or drinking [8:44]

  • Transition from drinking alcohol daily, to taking pain pills [10:18]

  • Going from pain pills to heroin [11:34]

  • How drugs took control of his entire life [13:06]

  • Using drugs to numb him from finding out who he really is [14:33]

  • The affected family relationships he had because of his addictiveness to drugs [19:06]

  • His family cutting him off and not being around him turned into the best thing that ever happened to him [20:33]

  •  Big "why" on keeping sober [26:13]

  • Helping others kept him sober because that in itself was addictive [28:21]

  • Overcoming the fear of starting your own business [32:18]

  • Recovery means being spiritually fit [35:22]

  • Advice on nutrition and how no meal plans are the same, it is based on your own body [39:08]

  • Little things to know about nurtition as stepping stones [40:50]

  • Eating enough of the right foods for your body [42:41]

  • Mentally overcoming the cravings you will have [47:22]

  • Getting addicted to the progress and seeing results yourself [48:13]


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