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Episode #33

Brady Williams

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Polygamous Star of TLC Show "My Five Wives" Talks Love & Life Raising 25 Kids with 5 Wives



Guest Bio:

Brady Williams is the star of a popular television series that aired a few years back called My Five Wifes. My Five Wives is an American reality television series broadcast on TLC that began airing in 2013. The show documents the life of a polygamist family, which includes patriarch Brady Williams, his five wives, and their 25 children. The family began the series living in an undisclosed city outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, due to fear of prosecution for polygamy. Towns shown in the show are Payson, Spanish Fork, and Provo. The five wives in order of marriage are Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie, and Rhonda.


Brady is a public speaker where he continues to open up about his past in the AUB an LDS church and how he is an extreme feminist due to his new findings and beliefs.



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Show Notes

  • Introduction [2:27]

  • Dynamic of Brady's Family [3:00]

  • The Background of Each Marriage [3:30}

  • How Hard is Raising 25 Kids? [3:53]

  • Explanation of the TV Show on TLC [4:45]

  • Why they choose TLC over other large networks [5:22]

  • The history behind the religious backgrounds of Brady [7:43}

  • Brady discusses being high up in the AUB church at 30 [7:53]

  • How he allowed other wives to help choose new wives [9:12]

  • Why did he leave the AUB church [10:21]

  • How Hard was it for you and your Family to Leave the LDS Church [12:10]

  • How meeting a tattooed, smoker changed his life completely [12:48}

  • What are your current religious views [19:31]

  • What is your largest problems managing such a large family [21:10]

  • Challenge of having enough time spending with each family member [22:10]

  • Still have a great Family Structure and how he kept the peace [22:34]

  • How Brady considers himself a Feminist [24:11]

  • How Brady lives life outside of his sacrifices in his family [25;12]

  • What do Brady's kids think of living the polygamist lifestyle [25:47]

  • How do his wives feel about the other wives [26:52]

  • How Brady truly feels about each one of his wives and how its not traditional [28:45]

  • What was his wives reaction of him wanting to leave the FLDS religion [32:04]

  • What are some issues that the family had with TLC and the show [35:45]

  • Would you do the TV Show all over again if you could? [36:52]

  • What is your opinion on Polygamy versus monogamy? [37:45]

  • Why does Brady wants Polygamy to die out [38:11]

  • How short minded old fundamentalist are the reason for gender discrimination [49:38]










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