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Episode #315
Brandon Burgason

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Founder Of Mobie Coin + App Discusses All Things Crypto, NFT’s & The Metaverse 


Guest Bio:

Brandon Burgason is the CEO and Founder of Mobie Inc, a company utilizing blockchain technology to impact the lives of people looking for an easy and secure way to spend digital currencies without waiting to convert crypto to cash.

With over 9 years of C-level and directorship positions, Brandon’s strengths lie in business strategy, technology architecture, product development, finance, and marketing. He spent time as Executive Vice President for BBN Shanghai Fuel, BBN Capital Partners, founded Pangea Music, and partnered with American Financial network to build a highly successful mortgage business averaging over $30 million in monthly volume.

Brandon has developed a valuable reputation as a key negotiator working directly with high-end stakeholders including various heads of state, and is now combining his personal global network with the wealth of knowledge he’s gained through his career into his passion project Mobie Inc and its sister company, So|Me Technologies Inc., an incubator which includes technologies in real estate, marketing, music, and blockchain.

Show Notes

  • Intro (0:55)

  • Starting a crypto coin (1:40)

  • Concerns with crypto (7:57)

  • NFTs within the crypto verse (14:51)

  • The Metaverse (21:22)

  • Becoming an expert in crypto (27:31)

  • The power of controlling your mind (31:31)

  • Mobie (43:04)

  • Purchasing NFTs & Crypto through Mobie (57:40)

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