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Episode #205

Brent Bohn

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Owner Of 43 McDonalds Franchises Shares His Formula For Success


Guest Bio:
Today's guest, Brent Bohn, is the owner of 43 McDonald's franchises. He is someone that I've gotten to know really well over the last couple of years. We've gone on trips to Mexico and Paris and I've had the chance and the opportunity to sit down many times with him and talk business and talk about how he built this little empire, one Big Mac at a time. And for anybody that's ever been in the fast food industry or been in the franchise business, then you are familiar with how difficult it is to run even one restaurant, one location. And Brent has 43 currently and he's buying more all of the time. His story is truly one that I think a lot of people build to learn from. It is a grind to be in that industry and it's really something that I love the brand story because he started at the bottom. His father in law had a couple of McDonald's restaurants and brought Brent in, but he had to start literally at the very bottom in the fast food industry and worked his way up to ultimately become partner and start buying his own franchises. And I love being able to share his story because he's been able to do so much with what he's done.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (2:01)

  • Constantly trying to learn and how to make money (3:15)

  • Always looking for innovations in McDonalds (5:45)

  • The starting of Drive-Thru (6:08)

  • Striving for the best scenarios (7:40)

  • Relying on employees and working from the bottom up (12:10)

  • Success rate for McDonald’s vs other franchise opportunities (15:34)

  • The monopoly phase (18:33)

  • Trusting 1900 employees to do their thing (22:22)

  • Finding the power within for accomplishments (25:22)

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