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Episode #276

Brent Metcalfe

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Netflix Documentary Key Person In "Murder Among The Mormons" Recounts His Experience & Relationships

Guest Bio:

As a Mormon History and Rare Document Researcher, Brent Metcalfe has unparalleled knowledge of the religion and its connections in Utah. But it has not always been that way or worked in his favor. Growing up as a full believer, Brent followed the conventional routine and did the missions, after which he spent a lot of time in the historical archives of the Church, researching documents and working with the security department.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (3:25)

  • Murder Amongst Mormons (5:32)

  • What made this transpire (9:56)

  • Meeting Mark Hoffman (18:29)

  • The bombings (31:48)

  • How his life had changed (39:42)

  • The Netflix documentary (51:11)


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