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Episode #287
Bridger Pennington

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Founder Investment Fund Secrets Started His First Fund At 22 & Teaches Us All About Why Funds Are A Great Source To Create Wealth

Guest Bio:

Bridger Pennington is the Founder of Black Bridge Capital: Privately run debt fund that has done over 290 deals in 38 states over the last 2 years.


On the side, he runs Investment Fund Secrets to help others start their own funds in a world where people believe you need Ivy League credentials or Wall Street experience to break into.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:34)

  • Funds in general (2:03)

  • Being carful of investing (12:14)

  • Growing up a humble lifestyle (16:32)

  • Power of money (23:11)

  • Starting first fund (25:25)

  • Shift in marketing (32:45)

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