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Episode #202

Cara Chatwin

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Social Media Influencer Talks How She's Handling Covid-19 With 1-Year-Old Triplets & Finding Content While Quarantined


Guest Bio:

One of the best parts about doing this podcast is I get to pull exceptional people from every part and every walk of life and interview them, sit down with them and talk about their lives and what they're doing to live an exceptional life. And my guest today, Cara Chatwin, I've known for probably a dozen years now. I've known her when she was single and then when she met her husband, Derek, who is also a close friend of mine. And then now that they've become YouTube and Instagram influencers, the Chatwins, go check them out on YouTube. They have such a fun page. They really started to blow up on social media when a couple of years ago, Cara, who already had one child, a young daughter, got pregnant with triplets and oh my gosh, if you want to see a fun family, somebody that knows how to have a good time, to see little kids running around. It's hilarious. It feels like they're getting photobombed by little kids on every single video and just such a fun family to follow and to watch. So I sat down with Cara and talked a little bit about how they're dealing with the quarantine and the coronavirus with, you know, four small children. I can only imagine. A lot of things in their life probably actually haven't changed that much where, you know, that many kids, it does get hard to leave home.


Show Notes


  • Introduction (2:09)

  • Quarantine with triplets (4:39)

  • Deciding to do a Vlog on YouTube (5:37)

  • Struggling with infertility (8:28)

  • Being pregnant with triplets and the fears (11:14)

  • Investing in baseball cards (19:21)What has changed most (12:05)

  • Dealing with the opinions (16:42)

  • Finding a role to thrive as a mom (21:22)

  • Secret to a great relationship (26:06)

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