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Episode #186

Chance Allred

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Chief Sales Officer Vivint Solar Talks Leading Sales Force Of 1,500+ Sales Reps For A Billion Dollar Solar Company

Guest Bio:
Chance Allred wants to live in a world where everyone thinks two or three generations down the road, where businesses actively invest in humanity’s future, and where people have a say in how they create and consume electricity.

As Chief Sales Officer at Vivint Solar, Chance is at the forefront of the residential solar power revolution, where has grown his team of 1,500 sales professionals into a world-class sales organization that specializes in direct-to-consumer, retail, and inside sales channels with a lower customer acquisition cost than competitors in the industry.

With a compound annual growth rate of 225% between 2011 and 2015, Chance’s sales organization vaulted Vivint Solar from startup to the second largest residential company in the U.S. in less than four years, enabling Vivint Solar to go public with an IPO of $1.5B in 2014. SunEdison announced its intention to purchase Vivint Solar for $2.2B in 2015.

When Chance isn’t out building winning sales engines, you can find him constructing solar-powered huts in third-world countries, chumming with his friends and family, or obsessing over whatever sport he is currently playing.


Show Notes


  • Introduction (2:31)

  • Stage before Vivint Solar (3:35)

  • Starting a business in high school (4:05)

  • Getting started with summers sales (8:02)

  • Being the first to start an industry (10:37)

  • Wanting to start own thing and path (14:15)

  • The rise and unexpected fall of Platinum (18:43)

  • Rejoining forces with Vivint Solar (23:18)

  • Creating a massively successful sales force (28:56)

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