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Episode #198

Chandler Smith

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29-Year-Old Real Estate Tycoon Owns Over 100 Properties & Shares How He Built His Real Estate Empire


Guest Bio:

Chandler is a regional sales manager for the nationally recognized pest control sales company Aptive Environmental. He has recruited, mentored, trained, and managed more than 1,000 sales reps and in the past two years his region has sold and serviced over 40,000 pest control accounts bringing in more than $20,000,000 in gross sales.

The capital raised from that sales job has funded his other true passion... Real estate investing.

Chandler has invested in one condo, three duplex’s, one tri-plex, eleven four-plex’s, one eight-plex, and one commercial buildings totaling 63 doors.


Show Notes


  • Introduction (2:05)

  • Deciding to get into investing in real estate (3:10)

  • Purchasing his first property (4:16)

  • Buy and hold strategy (6:58)

  • Getting creative with loans (10:42)

  • Rules for investing in real estate (12:40)

  • What type of deals does Chandler look like (15:15)

  • What happens if you cannot find renters (18:21)

  • Needing a reserve (19:20)

  • Being 29 years old with 6 million in real estate (20:23)

  • Investing in yourself (22:07)

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