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Episode #12

Charly Jordan

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The Power of Monetizing Social Media


Young social media influencer, Charly Jordan goes into detail of what it takes to create a successful lifestyle by using Social Media as the main tool. As you listen, take note of what she says works and doesn't work and think to yourself what exactly could you be doing to better your social media outlook.


Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes:

  • Introduction [1:10]

  • Growing your audience on social media [4:45]

  • Being a product of who you surround yourself with [5:50]

  • How to make money off social media posts [6:51]

  • How she protects herself from fake people [8:00]

  • What to look out for [8:44]

  • How companies pay per social media [11:00]

  • What companies are looking for [12:18]

  • Her favorite places she has traveled [14:50]

  • Favorite things about Utah [18:06]

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