Episode #217

Coco Berthmann

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Sex Trafficking Survivor & Counter Human Trafficking Specialist Shares Her Incredible Story Of Escaping Her Abusers From A Lifetime Of Sex Trafficking

Guest Bio: 

Coco Berthmann is Founder and President of the Coco Berthmann Scholarship Fund. She was born and raised in Germany. She is a counter-trafficking specialist and aspiring international civil-rights attorney. Coco enables all segments of society to fight human-trafficking by educating and speaking internationally and teaching law enforcement, first responders, forensic staff, and communities about the horrific reality of human-trafficking.


She serves as victim advocate on the board of Dahlias Hope, an organization that provides complete aftercare for survivors of sex trafficking; a multi-tiered approach to reach individuals in varying stages of recovery. As a survivor, Coco made it her personal aim to free other victims out of the hands of traffickers.


Her unique experience of bondage and escape from such heinous crimes, have enabled multiple dignitaries free and rescue enslaved victims. 

Show Notes

  • Introduction (4:44)

  • Early childhood being trafficked (6:58)

  • Moving every year (7:32)

  • Creating an action plan to leave (11:21)

  • Hidden in plain site (15:02)

  • Escaping and the next steps (19:40)

  • Being abused again (22:44)

  • Attempting suicide for the second time (24:10)

  • Talking about it more and sharing her story (30:24)

  • Pornography is the problem (35:51)

  • Child Liberation Foundation (48:10)

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