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Episode #404
Codie Sanchez

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Top Social Media Strategist Also Manages A Small Biz Portfolio Of Over $50 Million

Guest Bio:

Codie Sanchez is the founder of Contrarian Thinking, a media company that teaches people to think critically and cashflow unconventionally with boring businesses. She has seen huge success with this and her newsletter has over 250,000 weekly readers and her mastermind has taught 2,000+ members about biz buying, biz growing, and doing deals. Prior to Contrarian Thinking, Codie spent time as a journalist and later an investor. She currently manages a small biz portfolio of over $50 million and is looked to as a top social media strategist with 2 million followers between her platforms.




Show Notes:

  • Intro

  • From journalism to business

  • First you make money, then you make a difference!

  • Life on Wall Street

  • The money game

  • Real estate and business

  • Building the right team

  • The power of audience

  • Social media tips

  • Is college worth it today?

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