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Episode #55

Cody Broderick

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Top Utah Tech CEO Teaches Us How To Build Your Life By Design


Guest Bio:

Cody Broderick is the CEO of Utah Based tech company, InWhatLanguage and was named "Emerging Executive of the Year" by the Utah Technology Council. Cody is a natural-born leader and loves translation. As a leader in the industry for the last 10 years, Cody possesses an unparalleled understanding of quality translations and software development and has dedicated his life to bringing inwhatlanguage to new heights. Cody and his team offer a technology platform for translation services across industries that provide businesses with opportunities to reach their target audience in a variety of languages.


Armed with a Master's Degree in Information Technology from the University of Utah, Cody and his great team recognized the need for cloud-based translation management software (TMS) in multi-national companies. The new TMS system called Unify allows organizations of any size to easily collaborate and work with linguists and translation departments worldwide and centralize all their multi-lingual content. Cody has coordinated a seamless integration of technology and human interaction into the technical world of culture and languages. Because of the great leadership team in what language is forging the way for new growth and development for years to come as they innovate and improve on existing translation methods and technologies. 


About inwhatlanguage

At inwhatlanguage you'll find a dedicated team with over 35 years of translation experience. Founders Cody Broderick, CEO, and David Kasteler let their passion for languages and different cultures guide them to create a translation technology company that understands the importance of both language and technology. Recently, inwhatlanguage has introduced the world to their translation management software (TMS), Unify, which allows organizations worldwide to organize their multilingual assets across any platform, with any file format, and in any language. inwhatlanguage is changing the way companies do business worldwide and giving them the tools they need to operate more effectively.


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Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:48)

  • How Jimmy and Cody were first introduced to each other (2:25)
  • What childhood was like for Cody and the struggles he had growing up (4:10)
  • How Cody found success at a young age and how he found himself (5:45)
  • CEO and Founder of InWhatLanguage and how it all started (6:35)
  • How Cody uses his life to give back and serving others (7:38)
  • Where did Cody come up with the idea and his tech background (12:03)
  • A story of a lesson that Jimmy learned while in college (15:00)
  • Learning from experts and how they found success (18:12)
  • Winning the Morning means winning the day (19:18)
  • Creating a solid foundation and having a playful attitude (27:35)
  • Speaking events at Universities and allowing them amazing opportunities (34:00)
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