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Episode #107

Cody Hofhine

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CEO Of Wholesaling Inc Shares Inspiring Tale From Dead Broke To Becoming A Fortune 5,000 Company



Guest Bio:


Cody is the founder of Investor Grit and Utah Sell Now. A few years ago, he was selling insurance. He liked what he did and made a decent living doing it. One day back in 2015, he was introduced to Wholesaling Real Estate. People in his area were making a fortune doing it so he got curious and decided to jump in. He made a TON of mistakes but he was committed to making it work…and he did! His company is now featured on the Inc 5000 for fastest growing companies.





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Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:54)

  • How Jimmy and Cody first met (2:50)

  • The story about their childhood (5:45)

  • Cody on selling insurance and being broke (10:15)

  • How he got into Wholesaling Inc. (13:03)

  • Finding a perfect mentor (15:37)

  • Taking a chance on real estate (21:30)

  • The first memory of wholesaling (24:48)

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