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Episode #339
Michael Van Tassell

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Real Life Treasure Hunter Finds Gold, Lost Wedding Rings, War Artifacts & His Passion Through Metal Detecting


Guest Bio:

Michael Van Tassell found his passion for metal detecting after he graduated from college and was looking for a new hobby. He now uses this hobby to return lost jewelry to their owners, in addition to searching for lost treasures himself. Mike  has 12+ years of experience behind a metal detector searching for lost items. Having metal detected in 4 different countries, he has found and returned over $100,000 worth of lost jewelry and accumulated his own collection of coins, rings, and other items. Some of the items he’s found date back to the 1700's One particularly interesting find was a ring that had been lost for 31 years. After finding the ring, Mike researched and found the owner, returned the ring, and landed on the front page of the Daily Herald.


Show Notes:


  • Intro

  • Pre-civil war bullets

  • Becoming a history buff

  • Lost shipwreck treasure

  • Finding & returning over $100,000 of lost jewelry

  • Weird finds while metal detecting

  • Understanding history

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