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Episode #189

Lyann "Credit Niinja"

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Known As The "Credit Ninja" Lyann Is One Of The Leading Experts On All Things Credit & Credit Repair


Guest Bio:
Lyann Nguyen or as most people refer to her as the credit ninja, has one of the most fun and outgoing personalities that you could ever meet. A real spark of life. When I found out what she does, I knew I needed to bring her on the podcast. She helps people to restore their credit in a unique but effective approach as well as she has a very unique story. She went through some hell when the real estate market collapsed and had to find herself in a position where she herself needed to kind of start over again and re do her own credit. And it was then that Lyann really discovered what she enjoyed doing and why she wants to do that for other people.


Show Notes


  • Introduction (2:15)

  • Creating habits within building Credit (2:43)

  • Balancing Credit Limits (3:30)

  • Growing up and life changes (4:23)

  • Dealing with the Real Estate Collapse (5:56)

  • Losing everything and starting over (7:14)

  • The power of networking (12:43)

  • Dealing with investors fraud for years (14:18)

  • Taking the risks (20:56)

  • The most important question before decisions (25:18)

  • Transparency in everything (33:25)

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