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Episode #187

Dan Quinn

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Former Green Beret Shares His Story Including Rescuing  A Young Boy From Sex Slavery While Serving In Afghanistan

Guest Bio:
Dan a couple years ago essentially ran into some issues. He was a captain in the military special forces, Green Beret, and he noticed while he was in Afghanistan that one of the leaders of the Afghani troops that they had partnered up with had taken as a sex slave a young boy, and tied him to his bed. And long story short, this unfortunately happens quite a bit in Afghanistan. It's not really frowned upon on their culture. It's almost like a badge of honor. And Dan and a couple of his fellow military friends just decided they're going to do something about it. So they approached the man. And I am going to let Dan tell the full story. But long story short, they took care of it because of that. Dan had some issues with staying in the military. And it's just one of those stories as I hear this is everything that we aspired to be as Americans, to protect those that can't protect themselves, to be able to be a hero to somebody in that day. That's what Dan was. That's it.


Show Notes


  • Introduction (3:51)

  • Starting in the military (4:09)

  • Enrolling in West Point (5:52)

  • September 11th impact (8:56)

  • Intense training for one purpose (11:37)

  • Popular Afghan practice with slavery (14:32)

  • Dealing with bad laws (18:43)

  • Birth of Child back home mixed with child trafficking in army (23:18)

  • Being left with few options to help (24:56)

  • Local Officer kidnaps young boy (25:18)

  • Being questioned by US military leaders (31:25)

  • Being sent home and honorably discharged (33:54)

  • Getting it out to the world (37:36)

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