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Episode #273

Dan Reed

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"The 10 Lies That We Tell Ourselves" + How To Quit Sabotaging Life With 8 Figure Business Owner & Jimmy's Former "Boss"


Guest Bio:

Former VP at Vivint Solar and was one of the originals with Vivint and starting their success. Now, he has a popular supplement company that is doing well over 8 figures a year.

Dan has started a training program for individuals and groups that is called "The 10 Lies That We Tell Ourselves" that helps people get out of their comfort zones and truly be able to create the life that they want to create.


Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:34)

  • Working under Dan with Vivint (2:51)

  • The solar industry (8:42)

  • Knowing the truth (14:59)

  • Learning your strengths (22:30)

  • Stop worrying and start living (30:52)

  • Doing the right thing (40:48)

  • The law of the harvest (51:43)

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