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Episode #35

Dan Young

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Founder of PC Laptops; Be Crazy Enough to Know You Can Do Anything You Want in Life



Guest Bio:

Dan (“The Laptop Man”) Young, is the founder and president of Utah based PC Laptops LLC. PC Laptops currently makes the best custom-configured, computers and laptops on the planet all covered by a lifetime service guarantee.


Born in 1971 and raised in Southern California, Young is a first-generation American. His parents emigrated from China to the United States in the late 1930s to escape repression and the early throes of World War II. At age six, Young began attending a computer-training camp established by a benefactor—a person he only remembers as “Charles”—for underprivileged children. He was trained on PC and Apple II+ computers, initially learning video game programming and development. He played video games, wrote video games and did a lot of hacking in his free time.


His first entrepreneurial efforts selling T-shirts, sunglasses and novelty items from a stand-in Venice Beach, California proved fun and lucrative. Dan’s business progressed and he opened a small shop at the outdoor swap meet selling cutlery in his Samurai costume.


After moving to Utah, the big box electronics retailer he was working for closed their doors, Young called all the customers that had bought computers from him and sent former customers a letter offering to honor their extended service warranties. The first year he lost $20,000, but the following year Young’s loyal customers earned him several hundred thousand dollars in net profit.


Young has now driven his company to consecutive listings among the fastest growing companies in America in Inc. Magazine. Since then he has founded 3 other successful technology companies specializing in high-performance gaming, enterprise cloud security and remote technical services. He still considers himself a “video game junkie,” but when he’s not visiting one of his stores, Young is now just as likely to be mentoring one of his Jedi students in the field.


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Show Notes

  • Introduction [1:24]

  • Background and his early life growing around computers [2:06]

  • 26 Years in the Computer Industry [3:55]

  • Struggles of getting in trouble as a teenager [4:30]

  • Moving out to Utah to get away from Trouble [5:03]

  • Finding new entertaining ways to make money at age 16 [5:40]

  • Started working at a radio shack store {6:15}

  • Struggles as a sales guy in the tech world [7:10]

  • How finding mentors and leaders changed his life [7:38]

  • The importance of finding a mentor [8:15]

  • Getting laid off while in his prime at his current job [8:50]

  • How he obtained a list of all of his customers that purchased computers from him [9:50]

  • How he lost all of his savings and money to try and start his business [10:31]

  • Creating a service that no one else would do to earn millions a year [11:18]

  • How he hired contract tech guys while they were all still in school [12:35]

  • Currently has 125 Employees [13:20]

  • Challenges and struggles that overcome to be the biggest blessings [13:45]

  • How close were you to closing doors down at the first [14:24]

  • What struggles have you had during this whole process [14:57]

  • The Secret to having a successful retail business [15:30]

  • Creating a family atmosphere and culture [16:45]

  • Secrets to keeping the culture and having a solid reputation [17:08]

  • If your willing to work the grind, the blessings follow [20:10]

  • Keeping your passion and sticking through what's not "fun" [20:45]

  • Focusing on the goals and what is most important for your customers [25:02]

  • Back what you say 100% [25:28]

  • Figure out what exactly your customers are needing before you start to sell [26:50]

  • How do you stay ahead of the curve [28:18]

  • Learning that time is money in every aspect [28:58]

  • How have you learned about the future to help you stay above the curve [31:15]

  • Don't complicate the way to learn [31:53]

  • The power of technology and evolving [32:35]

  • The power of a moment and not missing your chance [41:41]

  • The Myth of keeping a balance [42:02]









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