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Episode #182

Dave Lopez

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Former Navy Seal & Current Developer of a Resort Island in Haiti Discusses Men, Masculinity, & Finding Meaning 

Guest Bio:

Dave has deep experience and highly specialized training in classified global counter-terrorism operations, Close quarters tactical training and protection services in support of intelligence operations.

Since leaving the Navy, Dave has trained over 20 SWAT teams around the US in advanced tactics and CQC. He has also instructed numerous special response teams (SRT) of the Department of Homeland Security. Dave has conducted multiple rescue missions with Operation Underground Railroad and is the lead tactics instructor for the organization and also serves as the Director of Operations for The Nazarene Fund.


Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:53)

  • Beginning stages of becoming a Navy Seal (2:17)

  • Living every moment to the fullest (7:38)

  • Lessons learned during Seal training (9:08)

  • Being deployed multiple times (12:56)

  • True masculinity (15:21)

  • Getting involved in fighting sex trafficking (21:33)

  • Finding the use of Seal skills in real life (22:51)

  • Haiti and building a resort island to help (29:40)

  • The future of war and rehabilitation (33:20)

  • Religion and having a bigger view (38:50)

  • Creating a successful marriage (42:15)

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