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Episode #01


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From Basement to a Billion


Founder and CEO of Entrata, Dave Developed a software while as a student at BYU to help simplify rental property management and speed up processes like processing rent. The company is now doing over $100 Million in annual recurring revenue. Listen as we take a dive into the business and how he managed to make this all happen.


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Show Notes:

  • Introduction [1:24]

  • Dave on starting a billion dollar business in a basement [2:05]

  • How Dave married backgrounds in business automation and web development [3:15]

  • Why Dave almost didn’t get into a business plan competition [4:15]

  • On the learning curve of a new business [5:10]

  • Dave on his principles and driving philosophy [6:30]

  • What was the hardest part of building a business? [8:10]

  • How Dave has leveraged his “foolish sense of confidence” [9:25]

  • Dave on business “plateaus” and how that changes his role [10:55]

  • On becoming a lawyer without going to law school [12:03]

  • Dave on the importance of keeping yourself open to learning [13:25]

  • How Dave sets goals and vision for his company [14:20]

  • Why Dave thinks an “exit strategy” is a silly concept [16:30]

  • Advice from Dave for new entrepreneurs and college grads [18:01]

  • Dave’s favorite place in the world [19:30]

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