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Episode #201

David Nemelka

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Founder & CEO Engage Global Opens Up About His Entrepreneur Life & How He Has Grown From Difficult Times

Guest Bio:
Dave is a lifelong entrepreneur, adventurer and enthusiastic father of five. In 1988, he graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance with minors in Philosophy and Chinese (he studied in China for a semester at Nanjing University). The same year he graduated, he started his first business, a stock transfer company for public companies. The following year he pursued his passion for the outdoors and started his second business a fishing lodge in Soldotna, Alaska.

Education and self-improvement are key objectives for Dave, so in 1991/92 he sold his businesses and enrolled at the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with his MBA in 1993. Seeking further business education and personal growth he joined Fortune-100 company, Proctor and Gamble in Healthcare Brand Management. It did not take long for his entrepreneurial drive to push him forward to the next phase of his life – Wall Street.

In late 1994, Dave decided to start his own company McKinley Capital and focus on early stage and venture capital financing. Over the past 20 plus years, Dave has had the good fortune to invest in and fund numerous companies with a multitude of success and failures. It is his experience on Wall Street that has motivated Dave to begin what he expects to be his last venture - Engage Global. The mission of Engage Global is to create a movement that empowers individuals and families worldwide to live abundant lives with purpose. And so, one man’s journey continues onward. The direction is clear but the end destination is a mystery. The mystery provides excitement and joy to the journey ahead. Adventure with a purpose. Striving to live life with meaning.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (2:46)

  • Adapting during the Coronavirus (4:22)

  • Getting started right after college (7:20)

  • Going to an Ivy League school and humility (12:44)

  • Lesson that its never done until its done (15:57)

  • Willing vs committed (20:09)

  • Power in the struggle (28:29)

  • Principles to live by (35:56)

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