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Episode #229

Del Jolly

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Co-Founder & Director Unlimited Sciences, A Psychedelic Research Non-Profit, Discusses All Things Plant Medicine

Guest Bio:

Del comes from a position leading business development for Charlotte’s Web Hemp oil, the world’s largest CBD oil producer. Del is currently on the community board of advisors to the Realm of caring, a high impact cannabis non-profit, and was the outreach director to the Decriminalize Denver campaign, which passed a historical initiative to decriminalize psilocybin in the city of Denver.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:33)

  • Changing a mindset (3:45)

  • History and educate on plant medicine (12:27)

  • Governments role on drugs (20:35)

  • Doing proper research (39:19)

  • Combatting the opioid crisis (42:59)

  • Working with Professional Athletes (44:37)

  • How studies work (47:41)

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