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Episode #162

Doug Cartwright

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Founder of Self Improvement App "The Daily Shift" Discussing Productivity & Getting The Max Out of Life

Guest Bio: 


Doug Cartwright is the founder of the app The Daily Shift.

Shift is the first app to help you learn how to live authentically and experience life fully. We do this by offering daily reminders to help you build focus, find balance and uncover your purpose. Join Shift today and experience for yourself how small shifts—done daily—create long-lasting change

Show Notes


  • Introduction (2:03)

  • Challenges / Rewards of starting a podcast (2:48)

  • Meeting up at the NBA Finals (4:25)

  • Unworthy for a LDS mission and dealing with shame (5:58)

  • Owning your story (7:46)

  • Dad being diagnosed with Colon Cancer (9:03)

  • Door to door sales and finding a purpose (11:33)

  • Having success but no happiness (15:58)

  • Power of a journal (18:46)

  • The Daily Shift App (25:50)

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