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Episode #65

Doug Robinson

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CEO & Founder of Legacy Power Tells Us How He Built the Countries Largest Private Solar Company



Guest Bio:

Father, husband, teacher, leader. Doug loves his family, friends, and work. 12 years of building sales teams have been a remarkable experience in refining his sales and leadership skills. Now using those skills and experiences in the solar business, Doug is focused on building LGCY Power (a nationwide direct to consumer sales force) as a certified partner of Sunrun. LGCY Power has quickly become the largest privately held residential solar sales company in the country.


GCY Power provides homeowners with the opportunity to power their homes via solar power and reduce their carbon footprint with little or no upfront cost. Additionally, LGCY Power is committed to creating an incredible environment for salespeople by offering the industry’s best technology platform to aide the reps in a successful career in solar sales.

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Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:15)

  • How Jimmy and Doug first met (2:22)

  • Doug regarding losing money to a bad real estate deal (4:15)

  • Why Doug entered the Summer Sales world (10:37)

  • Why Doug left Vivint to start his own company (14:33)

  • How Doug got involved with the Solar Industry (16:02)

  • Doug being Sued and how he dealt with it (17:38)

  • How other solar companies work with each other (26:19)

  • How politics affect Doug's business and growth (28:56)

  • What makes Legacy Power different for employees (29:19)

  • Anything that Doug would do different and sacrificed (33:15)

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