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Episode #303
Elias Amash

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CEO Grip Hand Tools & Expert Importer + Author Of 5 Books Including "Retail Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, & Why?" 


Guest Bio:

Elias Amash, President of GRIP, is an industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in global sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, retail merchandising, fulfillment, marketing, technology, and operations. He is a trusted partner to hundreds of retailers and has “leveled up” the industry with GRIP’s undying commitment to offering only the highest levels of service to its customers. Amash has recently published his fifth business book, The Retail Advantage: How to Win the War with Amazon. He is also the author of Retail Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies and Why, The Future of Retail, Importing from China: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and 101 Bright Ideas: Winning Tactics to Increase Retail Sales.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:07)
  • Trying to make a difference (3:15)

  • The truth about health (10:08)

  • Learning the skills (18:43)

  • Being a good father (32:35)

  • Finding joy in the struggle (34:19)

  • Whats next (43:13)

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