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Episode #47

Fred Warner

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BYU College Football Star Talks this Weeks NFL Draft & Life as a College Athlete


Guest Bio:

4 Star recruit out of San Deigo California, Fred Warner had a handful of universities to choose from including powerhouses like USC and other Pac 12 schools. Following his religion and a school that just felt right, he decided to attend BYU, where he became one of the greatest linebackers in school history. 


Fred found great success on the football field as he was a leader and a captain of the team for two of his four years playing. He is getting ready for this weeks NFL draft, as he has been seen on projection boards all the way up to a second round pick for some NFL teams.


Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:53)

  • Fred Warner age and career at BYU (2:10)

  • Fred preparing for the NFL draft (2:45)

  • How does Fred view BYU and school (3:15)

  • Why and how did Fred end up to BYU (4:10)

  • Having offers from schools like USC and keeping with BYU (6:10)

  • Example of someone in Fred's life that helped him become who he is (7:05)

  • How Jimmy and Fred met for the first time (7:45)

  • Dating life at BYU and dealing with it (8:25)

  • Life at BYU and the state of Utah (9:30)

  • Fred living a life that helps others and going out of his way (10:25)

  • What are Fred's ups and downs as an athlete and overcoming last season at BYU (12:33)

  • What would Fred of done differently to help last years season (16:00)

  • Dealing with high expectations from BYU fans (17:27)

  • What is Fred most excited about for his future (19:05)

  • Fred's why and what he expects from himself (20:09)

  • Fred's relationship with his mom and what she taught him about life (21:03)

  • Playing at BYU with his younger brother, Troy (22:10)





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