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Episode #68

Ganes McCulloch

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Co-Founder of Giant Pest Control Company EcoShield Has a Fun Conversation of How to Build a Rock Star Life



Guest Bio:

Ganes McCulloch is a serial entrepreneur who hasn't looked back since the day he graduated from Arizona back in 2006.

Ganes is a Co-Founder of one of the largest pest control companies in the country, EcoShield and is also the founder of the popular supplement company, Mental Mojo.  Mental Mojo is a recent startup cognitive enhancement supplement company. We manufacture and sell a powder supplement contained in convenient, portable stick packs. We call it rocket fuel for your brain. We developed the product over a two-year period while we were attending law school at Arizona State University. We observed our peers going to drastic measures to gain a mental edge including the abuse of prescription drugs and high levels of energy stimulants. Our primary goal when developing Mental Mojo was to offer college students a healthy alternative to energy stimulants and prescription drugs for the times when they demanded that mental edge. 

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Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:15)

  • The first time Jimmy and Ganes met (2:25)

  • How did Ganes get his entrepreneur mindset (7:31)

  • Ganes becoming a partner at a Pest Control Company (8:53)

  • Getting past fears (13:33)

  • The importance of having a mentor (21:10)

  • Holding people accountable (24:38)

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