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Episode #98

Haysam Sakar

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Egyptian Immigrant & Car Dealership Owner Arrives In US At 23 & Now Lives The American Dream


Guest Bio:

Born in the Country of Eygpt, Haysam Sakar watched his father work 14 hours plus every day in the tourist industry to make sure that he provided a life for his family. Haysam contributes many of his amazing qualities from watching his dad when younger.


At age 23, Haysam decided to make the move to The United States of America to find a life that could match his future dreams of living a life that he felt was worth living. After 6 months of living in the US, he was already married to his wife which they currently have 6 boys together.


Haysam owns a very successful car dealership in Orem, Utah which is known for ensuring that everyone around is always taking care of. Haysam is extremely for making sure that everyone from an employee, to a customer, to just a person walking by is treated with the highest respect and care.


In this podcast, Haysam opens up about what childhood was like growing up in Eygpt, how he obtained the "American Dream", and what his plans for the future are.



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