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Episode #282
Ian Wendt

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Founder Official Patriot Gear Sits Down To Discuss America & Why He’s So Passionate About This Country

Guest Bio:

We truly believe that the word “patriot” is not limited to a certain type of person or group but that it is a word that describes each and every individual in this world that love their country, love the people who live there, want to see it thrive in every way and will work and fight to make it so.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:15)

  • Official Patriot Gear (1:48)

  • The fear of Uncertainty (13:45)

  • Being aware (16:21)

  • Conditioned Indifference (21:51)

  • All is coming true (26:48)

  • Divided for no good reason (44:14)

  • Choosing no accountability (52:30)

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