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Episode #310
Isaac Asiata

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Former NFL & University of Utah Star Offensive Lineman Shares Why He Retired From The NFL To Become A Police Officer 

Guest Bio:


Isaac Asiata is a former NFL player that was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the 5th round 2017 NFL draft and later signed by Buffalo Bills. In addition to his time spent in the NFL, Asiata was a successful college football player, starting 4 years with the Utah Utes. In his collegiate career, he earned All-Conference honers twice and was the winner of the Morris Trophy. After retiring from the NFL, Asiata found his purpose as a police officer with the Provo Police Department. Through his work as a police officer, he has also received opportunities to work private security for Lil Nas X while on tour as well as Post Malone.

Show Notes

  • Intro (1:20)

  • A career in the NFL (3:48)

  • Mental difficulties of playing in the NFL (16:42)

  • Removing all excuses (26:28)

  • Announcing retirement and expressing struggles (29:00)

  • Finding purpose in become a police officer (33:33)

  • Backlash of being a cop (44:08)

  • Private security for Lil Nas (50:32)

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