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Episode #52

James Lawrence

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The Iron Cowboy & the Greatest Physical Achievement Ever Accomplished By Man


Guest Bio:

Prolific Ironman athlete and triathlete who goes by the nickname "The Iron Cowboy." He gained widespread renown during the summer of 2015 when he completed 50 Ironmans in all 50 US states in 50 consecutive days. He completed the challenge on July 25th, 2015 in Utah.


He began his athletic career during his teen years as a wrestler. His first long-distance race he competed in was the Salt Lake City Marathon at age 28.


He set the Guinness World Record for most 140.6-mile Ironman endurance competitions completed in a year at 30 in 2012. In 2015, he created his own Iron Cowboy brand of fitness consultation and personal training.


He and his wife Sunny have five children together and currently reside in American Fork, Utah.


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Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:42)

  • Stats of James 50 States in 50 days (3:00)

  • What happened during James 50 in 50 (4:07)

  • Jimmy running his marathon and what it truly takes to accomplish what James did (5:16)

  • What is it like running alone and dealing with the boredom (8:10)

  • "If you want to master something, it should never be easy to you" (8:55)

  • James in his early childhood and growing up (10:02)

  • How James has become distracted from his running career and how he is dealing with them (11:45)

  • James and his mortgage company and how he dealt with the loss of his company (17:55)

  • Family life for James and how his wife has impacted his life (21:20)

  • What is his "Why" and what got him to do what he did (23:18)

  • James and his newfound passion for Public Speaking and how he inspires others (26:58)

  • When James almost gave up when he collapsed during one of the States (30:00)

  • The last state being his home state and how it felt finishing in Utah (38:21)

  • Pushing your body and your mind to being uncomfortable (46:28)

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