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Episode #11

James Murray

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Staying True To Your Dreams Through The Struggles


Famous Comedian and star of the popular show Impractical Jokers pay close attention as Murr goes in depth about how he went from failure to failure until he turned his struggles into a massive success and how their success of the show is completely based on hard work and talent. Also, make sure that you take note as he talks of the chemistry between the best friends in the show, why he loves what he does, and what he currently goes through on his road of success.



Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes:

  • Introduction [5:34]

  • Knowing what is real vs a prank [10:05]

  • Battling people not taking him seriously [10:42]

  • Trying not to offend others [15:56]

  • Staying motivated throughout failures [17:50]

  • Calculated planned effort [20:22]

  • Selling an improv show [22:07]

  • How the show affects his life direction [25:09]

  • The book "Awakened" [26:45]

  • Life of the party [31:15]

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