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Episode #03


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I Struggle Just Like You

Get to know James on a much deeper level and see how this entrepreneur took a passion for music and rap then turned it into something that now blown up through out social media and the community quick. Learn about his trials and struggles and what it really took for him to get to the level that he is at now.

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction [2:34]

  • James on growing up overseas and not being exposed to rap music until the age of 14 [3:00]

  • On his musical background being shaped by European influences [4:01]

  • James on the history of “James of the Mormon” and coming to terms with his faith [4:40]

  • James on getting his first big break and the “fluke” of his success [7:05]

  • Who James credits for getting his work to the next level [8:50]

  • James on how he was able to bridge the gap between rap and Mormons [9:15]

  • On more criticism coming from within the Mormon community than outside [10:58]

  • The impact of James’ newfound success on this dating life [13:07]

  • On giving people that “don’t fit the mold” hope and voice [14:01]

  • James on expanding his audience beyond his Mormon fans [15:11]

  • What keeps James in Utah and why he lives there [16:20]

  • James talks about his non-secular content and how he collaborates with other artists [18:03]

  • James’ favorite place in the world and why he loves it [19:01]

  • How James prepares to perform and gets in the right mindset [20:40]

  • What’s the message James wants everyone to hear [22:45]

  • James on having a marketer first mentally [23:03]

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