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Episode #30

Jason Harward

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High School Dropout Becomes Internet Marketing Genius, Makes Millions "Selling Stickers"



Guest Bio:

From high school drop out all the way to building multi-million dollar businesses, Jason Harward is an episode you don't want to miss. Jason was first fired from his first "job" because the company couldn't keep paying him all of the commission that he was earning. Jason has become well known throughout the Internet Marketing world for his success with Click Funnels. He has two "Two Comma" Awards and was one of the first to have multiple million dollar funnels through them. Jason says his outlook on business best by saying "Product launches aren’t some big elaborate event, they are a daily occurrence. I don’t follow the rules, I don’t know the rules, honestly, I don’t give a shit what the rules are. I’m literally the a**hole that will pay the waitress to seat me before you because I don’t want to wait in a line. But I am passionate about business, online selling in particular, and I love when other people get it. When they see the patterns and get that it’s about just doing it, not about the ‘one thing you need to know."

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